Highlights from Last Night’s PYX Game

Good times, even though it wasn’t our usually scheduled night.



Columbus, I Will Be In You… Sunday

One of my beloved idol series is screening its movie in Columbus this weekend. Of course, I’m coming down for that!

Anyone else want to go? Want to go drinking after? Hit me up!

Doesn’t it just look so fun?


Idols > Your Waifu

Harukakka has spoken. Idols are number one. All other waifus are number two or lower.



We’re terrible people

From PYX last night:


I look forward to our next shenanigan adventure.


Good people, who have travelled from villages near and far! Lend me your ears!

Please, do NOT literally throw ears at me. That’s disgusting.

BUT, I am calling out our artistic friends, both with Pen and Stylus, contribute to our paltry selection of art and images. That we may truly build a place made by us!

By us I mean you, but we’ll give you credit of course =P I made a pixel art Jack!

I digress, but I would like for all of us to contribute here, there’s quite a bit we can do here. If you know someone hasn’t registered yet, TELL THEM TO.

That’s all I got for now.

8 bit Jack



Shenaninanigans Alpha-2

So let’s try this again…

I wasn’t really feeling that Tiki Wiki thing. So this is a new thing, from scratch, using WordPress. WordPress is a pretty common, relatively painless content management system that powers a decent percentage of the web today. There’s a good chance you already have some familiarity with WordPress, or maybe even a WordPress.com account.

If you should ever need to access that awful Tiki Wiki, visit shenaninanigans.org/t

Visual Look

The look of this site can be changed pretty easily. I welcome your feedback on the theme. I was going for simple and easy to read on mobile. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes we could use with this site, or I can try to make one from scratch.


To register for an account, please click here! I can then escalate your privileges to allow you to post content, edit content, or more. Let me know what you’re comfortable with. The different levels of privileges are:

  • Subscriber: Default registration. Allows commenting, and that’s about it. Contact me to get you escalated.
  • Contributor: Can write posts, but can’t publish them (must be approved by someone with higher privileges)
  • Author: Can write posts and publish them,
  • Editor: Author, plus can edit others’ posts and approve publication of Contributor posts.
  • Admin: You can change, configure, or totally break pretty much anything. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

notice me senpai

That’s about the minimum I have to post now. Please let me know if you have any questions!